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What is GPU Mining, and How Does it Differ from ASIC Mining? - Bitcoin Chaser

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New to mining and wondering what is a good program to use for GPU mining. /r/Bitcoin

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what is the best gpu/multiple gpus for bitcoin mining

as the title says this is probably asked a lot
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: May I ask what is the consequence of mining with gpu (gtx 1050 ) /r/NiceHash

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What GPU is best for mining right now? /r/Bitcoin

What GPU is best for mining right now? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

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I’m thinking about building a GPU rig but I can’t really find a solid answer on what graphic card is superior. 1070, 470, 480, 570, 580?
What GPU is best for mining right now?
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Author: Logeth16624
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: What is GPU mining? I just dont get it. /r/pcmasterrace

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What good pools for bitcoin or any or merged are accepting gpu mining still and is there a new middlecoin type website? (ignore profitability concerns please)

Want to run some gpus for a while even though not currently profitable.
Want to find some pools or websites that will either accept micro contributions from gpus for bitcoin or some good merged minig pool that kicks out other coins or something like the old middlecoin which autotrades ( or at least lets you manually trade) for coins of your choice.
What is good out there today?
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What good pools for bitcoin or any or merged are accepting gpu mining still and is there a new middlecoin type website? (ignore profitability concerns please)

Want to run some gpus or a while even though not currently profitable.
Want to find some that will either accept micro contributions from gpus for bitcoin or S good merged .inig pool that kickz out other coins or something like the old middlecoin which autotrades ( or at least lets you manually trade) for coins of your choice.
What is good out there today?
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what is the best gpu/multiple gpus for bitcoin mining /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: What is Bitcoin Gold? New GPU mined coin /r/gpumining

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: What is Bitcoin Gold? New GPU mined coin /gpumining submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Most efficient way to make Bitcoin without any money

I don't have any money to make an initial investment, what is the most efficient, reproducible (i.e. I can do it as many times as needed) way to earn Bitcoin? And yes, I've tried mining, but I have an Intel GPU which is a few years old and can't cryptomine, and my CPU is disgustingly slow (1.6 GHz), so by the time I mined a block, I'd be a grandpa. I just need a about 30 USD worth of Bitcoin for something that I need to buy online (I'd prefer not to say), and yes, everything else is set up; I have a BitPay wallet and found a reputable online retailer selling the product I want to buy for bitcoin.
Also for some reason all the surveys are rejecting me for some reason (I've tried SwagBucks, Triaba, MOBROG, so many that I can't even count them).
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Meros Cryptocurrency - Not once discussed on here, but interesting concepts that seem to tick all my boxes.

This one has been in development for a while - August 2018 if you check their twitter - And I've just been given the nod towards it recently, was wondering if anyone else had it on their radar:
So, here's what it promises:
Here's their github:
So, as a person who mined formerly, I really like the fact that it will be CPU mineable (especially as I was going to set up a CPU mining rig anyways) as that discourages big ASIC/heavy GPU action. I like the fact that it'll use DAG to facilitate easy, fast transfers.
It's like Bitcoin, Nano, Monero and ETH all had a baby together and ended up with the best of all worlds.
Anyone else watching it with interest? From what I've heard, the initial release date is sometime soon™.
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Crypto Mining Investment

To be successful at mining, speed is of the essence since the miner is trying to solve a question, add a block the the chain and reap the rewards before anyone else. The more answers suggested over the shortest period of time will increase the chances of solving that block. These days it’s impossible to mine Bitcoin using a standard desktop computer. The computational difficulty of mining is too high. When Bitcoin first arrived it was possible to mine using a standard home computer or, more specifically, the computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit).
Since Bitcoin’s phenomenal rise in 2017, many people have been wondering how they can get in on the cryptocurrency action. One way to get involved in the revolution is by mining cryptocurrency.However, before you can get started with mining, you first need to know the basics and get the equipment. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best GPUs on the market that you can use to mine cryptocurrency.
Mining is the process of solving mathematical algorithms that serve as a puzzle to successfully add a cryptocurrency transaction to a blockchain. Transparency is one of the most vital aspects in this space, so legitimate transactions being recorded on a blockchain is essential. When a transaction occurs, it is broadcasted to everyone on that token’s network. This informs the miners that there is work to be done.
Miners will then begin solving the puzzles to play the role of a ‘digital accountant’ and add the transactions to the blockchain. This is the process of cryptocurrency mining. The incentives for miners to complete this work are the transaction fee offered by those who want to record their transaction and the block reward. A block reward is awarded to successful miners for completing their job. For example, Bitcoin’s current block reward is 12.5 Bitcoin, whereas Ethereum’s reward is 3 Ether.
As you might have guessed, the GPU market is dominated by Nvidia and AMD. In general, AMD typically make faster products and get better performance rates from their GPUs by adding more ALUs that function at a lower clock speed. However, Nvidia make use of more complex ALUs that are more powerful. Another thing worth noting is that Bitcoin, for example, uses an SHA-256 encryption algorithm, and AMD products only need a single hardware instruction to mine using the SHA-256 hash, whereas Nvidia needs three
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6- Offer a referral rebate to your friends. This means that you can share part of your earnings with them to encourage them to register using your referral link.
But do not forget the rules:
1- Do not spam. Do not force people to join.
2- We do not allow using services that sell referrals.
3- Your referrals must be unique and real. You cannot bring fake referrals, bots, etc.
4- Do not over-promise or give an unrealistic assurance to anyone with what they can earn on the website.
5- Do not try to abuse the system in anyways whether it is specifically mentioned or not in the rules/terms.
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Prepping for rtx 3080 and Zen 3. Need help with prepping, water cooling, and

Hello there! I've been building PC's for quite some time but always did it on my own and seldom lurk reddit etc. Therefore I apologize for having no idea if there are specific terms for the following.
I've decided to upgrade my i7 4790 and my gtx970. My current plan is to buy the x570 Asus strix motherboard, rtx 3080, zen3 CPU, and the Samsung 970x evo. However Nvidia only recently teased their GPU and I have no idea when the CPU is going to be released. My main concern is that what if it turns out that the Mobo, the GPU, or even the SSD is DOA, I wouldn't have a clue until I boot it up. Zen3 is scheduled to come out in 2020 but no news on whether it's at Q3 or Q4.
I apologize if these questions seem rather ridiculous to you all. Again, I have been building PC's for a long time, but I have never waited on components to be released like this.
My questions would be
1) Should I buy a super cheap am4 CPU so that I can test out my gear? If so, what is the cheapest am4 CPU?
2) How long does it usually take for water blocks to come out following the release of a GPU?
3) How does preordering of GPUs work? Do random websites just have it available for preorder starting month x day x hour x? Is there usually enough stock for a few days or does a large number of consumers/ scalpers buy out the Founders edition of GPU? I understand that between the 970 and 3080 GPUs became high demand due to Bitcoin mining so I'm wondering just how in demand the next big GPU is usually.
Thank you so very much for your time!
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Need help with random shutdowns

I have a PC that was pretty high end about 7 years ago. It was given to me by a friend who built it as a mining rig for some kind of magic coin (not bitcoin, but similar).
Mobo: ASUS ROG Rampage IV black edition E8670 CPU: Intel i7 (not sure specific model, PC is not running atmo Cooler: Unsure of brand, but it's a pretty bad ass liquid cooler with large heat exchanger, plus extra case fans Ram: 16GB of ripsaw DD3 I believe. I don't believe RAM is the issue because I've removed pairs of DIMMs, and swapped slots, and still having issues. GPU: NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti (swapped into my old PC and it runs fine) Power Supply: Seasonic FOCUS 750w (purchased April 2020) Fresh Windows 10 install
The PC is having random shutdowns. Sometimes it will blue screen, sometimes it will hang in the boot sequence.
The thing is, there often won't be issues listed in the event viewer, other than "your PC just restarted unexpectedly". Which leads me to believe this is a hardware issue. I did a fresh install of Win10 anyway to rule that out.
What I've done: As I said above, I swapped DIMMS between slots, and removed alternating pairs ruling out a bad DIMM. This did not change anything.
I also removed the GPU and used on board graphics with no change.
So I'm assuming this is a hardware issue, probably in CPU or mobo. But I'm not sure what other troubleshooting steps I can try before just throwing parts at it. And throwing parts at it sucks, because the mobo, CPU, and ram are all outdated, which means swapping all of them at the same time.
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I am the true creator of bitcoin AMA

I control the true price of bitcoin because its based on my brain and what ever i decide to do with it. my conscious experience basically runs the whole world we live in. When you are mining that whole verifying transaction thing is bullshit. What your GPU power is really being used for is to Render and build other worlds.
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Earning Passive Income with Crypto Staking (Legit!)

Okay. So, whether you are new or have been with the bitcoin community for a while, you might not have heard of cryptocurrency staking. Madali lang sya, promise.
I will share my experience at the end of this post, pero ano nga ba ang Staking?


Compared to bitcoin mining, na sobrang hirap na kasi kailangan mo ng magandang CPU/GPU para lang magka-pera ka. Hindi na sya profittable, kasi malakas sya sa kuryente at bibili ka pa ng mga hardware.
Mas eco-friendly ang Crypto Staking. Para syang investment, actually. Hahawak ka lang ng pera sa wallet mo. Mas malaki ang laman ng wallet mo, mas malaki din kita mo. Simple, right?
Bakit? Let me introduce you to altcoins. Ang altcoins ay mga cryptocurrency na hindi bitcoin. Example ng mga altcoins ay Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and marami pa sila.
May mga altcoins na Proof-of-Work (POW). Meaning, kailangan mo talaga ng magandang hardware para maka-mine ka ng bagong coins. On the other hand, may mga Proof-of-Stake (POS) naman na altcoins. Sa mga POS na altcoins, hindi mo kailangan ng napakagandang gaming computer katulad ni Alodia. Ang need mo lang is magkalaman ang wallet mo, at gamit ang balance sa waller, is magva-validate ng mga bagong altcoins. Hindi na ako mag-eexplain pa dahil baka ma bored kayo, so check nyo nalang tong article na to para mas maintindihan nyo:,power%20he%20or%20she%20has%20concept,power%20he%20or%20she%20has).
How to?
So paano nga tayo kikita ng passive income dito? Para syang interest - gagamitin ang balance nyo para makagawa ng bagong altcoins. In exchange, may makukuha ka rin sa mga bagong na-validate. Para sayng interest sya bankgo, mas malaki hawak mo, mas malaki din kita mong interest.
I won't beat around the bush any longer. Here's how you can start:
Ref | Non-Ref
Use either of the link above to register to Bale, ibibgay nating ang "staking rights" sa kanila. Sila na ang bahala mag-handle ng mga complicated na bahay. Ang gagawin lang natin, is magkaroon lang kayo ng balance sa wallet, and wait.
OPTIONAL po ang pag deposit ng pera, OPTIONAL din ang pag-refer.
Makaka income pa rin kayo kahit wala kayong ilabas sa bulsa nyo. But of course, more the merrier, which I will share later.
  1. Register using the link above. You can use my referral link, or you can just register normally.
  2. Pag naka-register kana at naka-login na, punta kayo ng faucets. Makakakuha kayo ng libreng altcoins every 60 minutes.
  3. Wait and relax. Every couple hours, is magkaka "stake" or magkakakita si Coinstake. Then, magdi-distribute lang sila ng kita sa mga may balance sa particulat altcoin na yun sa website.
Madali lang, diba? So ngayon, etong altcoins na nakukuha nyo is pwede nyong i-exchange sa mga trading websites para magka BTC kayo. Then, i-withdraw nyo lang sa nyo na account.
Personal experience
Hindi ko na-discover to actually. May nag-suggest lang sa akin sa Coinpot na subreddit.
For the first few days, nagtsaga lang ako sa faucets ng Coinstake. Then, I also spent time on other faucet sites and app. Nag-farm ako ng Dogecoins. Nung naka-ipon na, nag-transfer ako sa 2 Altcoins ang available sa Bololex - Tokemon (TKM) and Ratcoins (RAT). So, inexchange ko lahat ng Dogecoins ko evenly to Tokemon and Ratcoinsm then inkagay ko sa Coinstake. Siguro nakabili ako ng mga 600,000 na Tokemon, and mga 1,000,000 ng Ratcoin.
Ayun, so naghintay lang ako ng 2 days, habang nagcocollect ako sa faucet. Ang TKM ko ay naging 640,000 and RAT ko naman is naging 1,070,000! Not bad for not doing anything. Sit back and relax ako, and may kita ako. Wow!
So now I invested P400 lang, and just after 4 days I manage to get approximately 0.00121647 BTC (Sa coinstake kasi, on the upper right corner, it shows an estimates value in BTC). In today value, 784.89 pesos po sya.
Screenshot Proof:
FYI, nag start pala ako mid-day ng October 12. So medyo bago rin ako, but I can personally attest na maganda tong website na to.
Recommendations on how to cash out
Sobrang laki ng transaction fee pag nag cashout ka using BTC. Kung magca-cashout kayo, here's what I recommend.
  1. Convert nyo lahat ng Altcoins nyo into other altcoins. I recommend any of the following: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
  2. Sa na convert nyo, i-withdraw mo lahat sa
  3. Pagkalagay nyo sa Faucetpay, i-convert nto lahat to just one currency. I recommend namam yung mga sinusupport ni coins ph, which is Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
  4. Pag na-credit na coinsph account mo, convert nyo na sa Pesos and kayo na bahala kung paano mag withdraw. :)
Recommended Altcoins
Here's what I'm staking right now, since this is what I started with.
Tokemon (TKM) / Ratcoin (RAT)
Exchange website:
I highly recommend Bololex. May games din sila na you can earn what you call BOLO tokens. Pwede mong i-convert yung BOLO sa TKM, which is pang-dagdag din sa balance mo. Minimum bonus TKM you can earn using every few hours is 5000 TKM, which is not bad.
Willowcoin (WLLO) / Big Data Cash (BDCASH) / The Big Coin (BIG) / BeanCash (BITB)
Exchange website:
Infinite Ricks (RICK)
Exchange website:
Alam kong mahaba, pero salamat sa pagbabasa :)
If you enjoyed staking, you can also consider these 2 websites. Wala nga lang faucets to, so either magdedeposit kayo, or magfafarm kayo ng faucet sa ibang lugar, then transfer nyo dito.
Ref | Non-Ref -
Ref | Non-Ref - (Yung ipon kong extra na Willowcoin sa Stakecoin may nilalagay din ako dito)
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Alienware 15 r3 - multiple questions, please help :D

Hello guys, I have an 15 r3 for a while now, 6700hq gtx 1070 and I have multiple questions, you can pick any question you don't have to answer to all of them
Question 1
The voltage CPU control got locked not due to bios but due to some windows, driver, chipset update cause I was able to use it on the same bios as now some months before but one day it just got greyed out, either way because it's winter I am fine with 94 degrees Celsius in Rust core 0. So this is not really a question but just saying, greyed out cpu controls I think are driver, windows related more.
Question 2
Intel Guard extensions yada yada, off or on? In bios I mean. Simple answer, I don't use this computer to do safe transactions or whatever and I maybe have my credit card on steam and that's it. I had them on, now I have them off and I woke up today to a 2 Red- 4 BLue bad memory code and I was thinking maybe it is related, is it?
Question 3
Cpu performance mode off or on in bios?
Question 4
Today I woke up only to look stupefied to my laptop doing 2 Red, 4 Blues in the power logo (experienced from the past when the bios got corrupted and somehow with the help of GOD and a dude from a forum I managed with my own two hands to rewrite the bios chip straight on the motherboard, the laptop was completely dead)
Now, I fixed the issue by removing the battery cable, pressing the power button (to release static electricity(, removing the ram, switching places, tested with google chrome if it goes over 8 gb of ram utilization with multiple tabs open and it did so I think the ram is okay. What was that about though? Why did I get a faulty ram bios code? Can it be related to Intel Safe Guard Extensions off in bios?
Question 5
Latest bios 2.0 or whatever, worthy? Temps? Cpu utilization? I just feel like this CPU could do a lot more if it ran stable but somehow it just throttles itself to death only to go cause frame drops 2 min later cause it needs to go at 2.6ghz, instead of running steady 3.1 all over it just goes 3.1ghz in 3 and maybe 3.4ghz in the 4'th core and that causes spikes back to 2.6. Whenever they send updates lately I read them and it's like "security upgrade yada yada" what? My last 2 brain cells can protect themselves online, I don't get this "security" but at the same time, probably 25% of the AW's at some point were undercover bitcoin miners.
Question 6
Any upgrade tips and tricks? I was planning to keep this old boy cause it's my first Alienware and I fell in love with it dunno why, it's exactly a love hate relationship, it's like a Bmw only that the Bmw is shit in the winter and good in the summer and the Aw is the other way. Like I was thinking to change the mobo with a newer one, or dunno, like if I manage to keep survive with it until the middle part of 2021 and there's no civil war or nuclear war until then or Covid 25, cause I feel like this old boy will just die until then or Dell will kill it through windows updates, and it will simply fry its cpu or gpu cause they want more money and I was under impression that this just happened when I woke up with 2 Red - 4 Blue code today, like they managed to block now the voltage control (Apple strategy) probably to decrease the cpu lifespan of older models like mine, and I don't wanna leave it dead for good. Sorry for my broken english. Is it possible to change the mobo? Like to buy a mobo with a gtx 2060 on it and a newer cpu and stick it inside? Is it worth it? I am kinda gaming on a budget though and this AW wasn't brand new.

Question 7
This laptop felt like always it has been there, it always ran, it always performed but lately I feel like it's nearing his life, I don't wanna lose it, I neither wanna change it for at least 6months-1 years, if it were to switch sides what exact model would you recomend from the competitors? Asus? MSI? Lenovo?

Kind regards,
In a love hate relationship with an 15 r3.
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Earn 51-$171 in crypto (compound, stellar, celo, and maker) by simply learning about them and answering questions through my coinbase link! Instant payout upon completion! Can sell for cash and transfer to bank immediately! Will pay an extra $5 for each link used and completed! Very quick

Make $51+ to Learn about crypto on Coinbase! Up to $150 using my Bonus! [ID Verify Needed]
(If you want to learn a little about bitcoin and crypto, read the whole thing, if you just want the bonus, only read the next 15-20 sentences)
First use this one for your signup: Once you signed up and verified identity use the links below!
  1. Compound:
  2. XLM:
Altogether there are 6 different lessons, each takes like 5-10 mins with a quiz at the end. Only 3 of them i will get rewarded for though. You will also get an extra $10 for each completed for my referral + $51 from all 6 quizzes and also another $120 if you get 4 people to do the quizzes. They are really quick, especially if already have an account. Also you can look up the answers for each one on google so you dont need to sit through them, be even quicker. Please complete the 3 i sent the links with to the end so we get 10$ reward extra. As soon as you finish they send you the coins into coin base account. Once they are in your account you can sell them instantly for $$, and transfer to your bank account, OR you can keep them on your account. EOS, and COMP have been doing really well, so they might be worth keeping. This is just a really good promotion, probably one of the better i’ve see. Its easy AF, quick, and the reward is really good. If you don’t know anything about crypto, i highly suggest you learn. It’s still very early and its growing super quick. cryptocurrency has gained a ton of attention in the past couple years and is actually starting to become a real actual currencies (already is, but according to our governments) many different types of crypto is starting to become accepted in a bunch of stores, realtors are taking as payment for a house, and colleges are even accepting as tuition. I started researching bitcoin a short amount of time after Satoshi Nakamoto released it (2009) and bought my first few in 2013 at 15$!! From early 2013 the price was about $11 USD and at the end of 2017, $20,000. But they fell and recovered as the stock market does. But the 24-hour trading Volume today, in 2020 is is INSANE ($20,690,383,231) with an even crazier market cap of $209,783,036,693, which by the middle-end of next month should reach $210 billion, possibly sooner. Its just a really smart investment, buy a little over time. Some analysts are predicting that BTC could reach anywhere from $100k to $1,000,000 for BTC in the next few years. Im not sure exactly where i would name the price in 5 years, but know there is only a limited supply of BTC. They are mined (basically just means that the transactions and blocks on the ledger or blockchain are verified) by sophisticated pieces of hardware called ASIIC miners, or some even use GPU, and CPU in expensive computers. Although CPU mining can be very inefficient anymore as the mathematical calculations and problems the miners need to solve get more and more complicated over time. This, the limited supply, the increasing interest, usability, and need for blockchain technology all add the the idea of BTC reaching such incredibly high futures. Their is a total of 20,999,976 bitcoin and that is it. With a total of 18,517,418.75 in circulation. The last BTC is estimated to be 2140. Big difference from the 18.5M mined in 10 years, right? Thats because of the halving. Anyway, I’m sure you have heard some things about BTC, probably from the media, and if it was, it probably wasn’t good. You probably heard that people buy illegal dangerous stuff off of the “Darknet” and that its completely untraceable. Or that money can be laundered through BTC. But that is hardly partly true for BTC and other cryptocurrencies, and completely true for the USD. While the blockchain doesn’t include any personal information connected to wallets (unless you want it there, or you have the wallet through a service that makes you use personal information, which many services are doing), all transactions can still be tracked and seen by anyone who has an internet connection at So if the identity of one of the wallet addresses is known, it would be easier to figure the other out. But for paper, money that cannot be said... completely untraceable, has been prone to money laundering since it’s inception, can be used to purchase various drugs—hookers, guns, dynamite, and even politicians... since its inception, without a trace. The reason not just bitcoin, but i think even more exciting, is just blockchain technology and a host of things that are coming with it. It can be used for tons of things, software and can be built directly into blockchains, they can hold and process data at enormous speeds, while being extremely, extremely secure. More secure in a lot ways than banks. There are tons of new cryptocurrency projects being started everyday. For the most part, all of these projects have some sort of token integrated, because its what powers, and processes the data. If people find the project interesting or a great idea you like you’ll be able to invest in it buy buying/selling, or holding the token/coin. When these projects gain enough traction by like-minded individuals, the coin gains a value. This value can then be exchanged for other crypto, or traded directly for Fiat currencies ($,€,₽,¥,£,₩). For some examples of how wonderful the community is, and reveal what the true nature of blockchain and crypto was founded on, ill list 3 of my favorite crypto projects of 2020 so far along with a little excerpt from the white paper or other:
  1. AIDCOIN: “allows websites to embed a widget into their website and accept donations in any cryptocurrency. Any donated crypto is transferred into AID token, which is also a stable coin. At first, this might seem like not such a good thing but the more I looked into it, the more I realized accepting a stable coin might actually make more sense for a charity as it reduces their risk exposure to volatility.”
  2. BRAVE BROWSER—Privacy Internet Browser: “As far as I’m concerned, keeping people safe and protecting their privacy and security is a noble endeavor. For far too long, giants like Google and Facebook have gotten away with unethical data practices with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. They have been able to spy on their users, abuse their data and use it for whatever purpose they deem fit. Brave Browser is looking to put an end to that through the most secure browser that exists on the market today.” Basically Brave takes on the responsibility of completely protecting privacy and from ads. As an added available option, brave allows you, to watch and look at sponsored ads while you browse. So basically just a stand-in for other browsers ads, but instead you make money WITH brave. You are awarded BAT (Basic Attention Token) for your service. BAT’s are currently at .21¢.
  3. Power Ledger: Last but not least. Power Ledger is probably one of my favorite projects that is actually making a real use-case out of crypto and blockchain. They are aiming to disrupt the energy sector with a heightened focus on renewable energy. Their software allows for three core things: 1. Energy Trading (if you have excess energy from your solar panels, for example, you can trade that to your neighbor through Power Ledger). 2. Environmental commodities trading (to help for the reliable tracking of renewable energy credits). 3. Renewable asset ownership (This will allow people who cannot afford their own renewable energy set-up to invest in fractional ownership). I honestly think Power Ledger is doing God’s work and wish them all the best.
As those projects above outlined, the basic principles behind pretty much every currency and upcoming project i have ever seen is, Trust, Sharing profit with the users who help make it into what it becomes, actual transparency, no central authority (due to decentralization), and lastly i believe it gives opportunity to those who are out if opportunity’s way. This is because it reaches so far, like into oppressive governments and 3rd work countries. Anyways, i hope to have given you a little insight during this read. Crypto has so much potential to fill and has already done so much. Looking forward to seeing where else all of this goes.
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Applying for r/CryptoCurrency - u/Mcgillby - Active member of the community since 2017

How much account age and comment karma do you have?
2. What are your credentials? Do you have any skills with AutoModerator rules, CSS, or programming bots? Can you reference external profiles or mod positions on other subs?
3. Do you moderate a large number of subreddits? If so, will this be a burden to your mod duties?
4. What project in the crypto space are you a fan of or invested in?
5. What is your timezone? How active do you intend to be?
6. Do you have a vision or goal? If so, what is it and how would you pursue it?
7. Is there anything else you would like to add?
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Why the 3070, 3080, and 3090 are going to spike in price.

Why the 3070, 3080, and 3090 are going to spike in price.
I was one of the lucky few to get a 3080 on release and I have stressed tested everything I can think of out of this card. It is absolutely a monstrosity. I happened upon an article saying the 3080 and 3090 have terrible MH/s(hashrate/mining rate for mining bitcoin). I decided to see what this card can do and happened upon some interesting data. So I decided to use Nicehash to test the GPU mining profitability(I'm sure its off by some margin but its a good start.) After running for a day and with the correct downclock I can keep my temperature stable. Increasing the power limit past 70 yield marginal hashrate at the expense of a significant amount of power(it becomes less profitable). With my current electric bill(around 11 cents per mwh) I make 2.20$-2.40$ a day after electric expense. A more sophisticated miner could make more with the right software(linux) and lower electric rate. Just wanted to share my opinion I could be wrong, let me know what you guys think.
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Should YOU be GPU MINING Cryptocurrency in 2020?! - YouTube Most Profitable Mining Rig In 2019 Is?... MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm Tour  Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU ... How to Mine BitCoin with CPU/GPU (Still Profitable 2020 ... What is Bitcoin Mining? - YouTube

As Nakamoto knew, capitalism is at the core of Bitcoin, which made the GPU arms race inevitable. Later that year, GPU mining would skyrocket on the network. Here are some of the key events in GPU mining history. May 2010: Laszlo Hanecz figures out how to route mining through his GPU. He spends 10,000 BTC of his earnings on the first real-world ... GPU Mining is real paying bitcoin free mining company. I tried many bitcoin mining companies and they scammed me of my money. They never paid. But paid me the next day after i have upgraded my account thanks, you have mad a long tern customer. Keep it up. You are honest Lottery Bitcoin Free, Free Bitcoin Mining, Free Gpu Mining, Free Bitcoin Generator,Free BTC Miner, Bitcoin Miner, online btc miner, monero mining, doge coin mining Start Earning Bitcoin With Free GPU Mining. Start Free Bitcoin Mining Now. Your Wallet Address. Start. BTC $15,962.60 LTC $27.89 ETH $464.07 XMR $0.081 . How Does The System Work. The fastest bitcoin mining service. Completely free. You can enjoy cloud mining free of charge at any time. You can reach the articles about how to do this from the side. Good luck. Enter the wallet address in the ... Was ist Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin Mining ist ein Prozess, bei dem Rechenleistung zur Transaktionsverarbeitung, Absicherung und Synchronisierung aller Nutzer im Netzwerk zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Das Mining ist eine Art dezentrales Bitcoin-Rechenzentrum mit Minern auf der ganzen Welt. Dieser Prozess wird analog zum Goldschürfen Mining genannt. Anders als beim Goldschürfen gibt es beim ...

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Should YOU be GPU MINING Cryptocurrency in 2020?! - YouTube

First Day Mining Bitcoin in 2018 and I gotta say it was really easy to start. I found a computer for a 1,000 bucks with a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU which is one of... If you want to exchange your bitcoins for other crypto: (Ethereum, XRB, Litecoin) this is a handy exchange: have a video on h... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: mining is the process of updating the ledger of Bitcoin transactions known as th... For more information: and What is Bitcoin Mining? Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin is generated? T... Link to website with program download: Trade Crypto: Link to AMD GP...